Be Confident and Be Yourself With Shapellx

Be Confident and Be Yourself With Shapellx

Speaking of confidence, I've had some bad experiences with it. My confidence was at its lowest point after my gallbladder surgery last year. My weight turned 40 kg, and my skin felt rough. I don't know how to build confidence ever since.
Thank God my weight is now back to normal, which is 60 kg, but my confidence is never returning. I still feel insecure about my body shape. I realize that I no longer have the same body shape as I was in my early 30s or 20s. I feel unconfident every time I see myself in the mirror every day. I found out that I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

3 Signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Be Confident and Be Yourself With Shapellx

Mental health has become a huge issue nowadays. Lifestyle and social media make an impact on mental health. A common mental health issue for women is body dysmorphic disorder. To find out if you have body dysmorphic disorder, let's check out these three signs of body dysmorphic disorder.
  1. Look in the mirror frequently to see specific body parts.
  2. Always worry about the clothes you wear
  3. She always refuses to be asked to take a photo
  4. Experiencing an Eating Disorder
  5. She desired to change the shape of her body, which felt lacking or imperfect.
Do you have any of the signs above? If yes, let's immediately solve our problems related to body dysmorphic disorder with the following four tips below.
  1. accept your flaws.
  2. Love and respect yourself
  3. Don't be swayed by specific beauty standards
  4. Start living a healthy and happy life with Shapellx

Be Confident and Be Yourself With Shapellx

One way to love and respect yourself is to accept your flaws. Be happy with yourself and do whatever you love. Eat the food you love, visit the places you want to go, and dress in your favorite clothes.
You can wear body shapes from Shapellx to boost your confidence and have the body shape you want according to your beauty standards. Shapewear and body shapes by Shapellx it's designed to be comfortable and fit any style for any occasion, so you can express yourself and live freely.
Shapellx provides various types of shapewear and body shape according to your needs. Shapellx has various collections, namely Eco Series, AirSlim, PowerConceal, NeoSweat and CoreSculpt. Shapellx also supports sports activities and help you to control tummy with Shapellx tummy shapewear.

Shapellx airslin sculpting bodysuit shaper

Sculpting bodysuit shaper by Shapellx.
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Having a belly that is not distended is the dream of all women, but this is not a beauty standard. However, a distended stomach in women indicates that hormones have affected the distribution of fat in the body, rarely exercise, stress, lack of sleep, and an unhealthy diet. In addition to implementing a healthy life, Shapellx tummy wear is also necessary. 
To boost your confidence by having the body shape you want, you can use the body shaping bodysuit from Shapellx.

Shapellx hourglass shapewear
Shapellx hourglass shapewear,
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Shapellx Body shaping suit functions to lift the breasts, reduce the stomach, shape the waist and hips, and effectively straighten the back; total cup variants are suitable for women with large breasts or women who have a large belly circumference.

Be Happy Right Now

Shapellx neosweat lightweight graphic set
Shapellx neosweat lightweight graphic set,
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Instead of overthinking about our ideal body shape or weight, think about other things that make us happier, like wearing Shapellx products because Shapellx is the best activewear for women.
Hopefully, this article will be helpful and make us more confident with our current body shape!

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